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...see, we are more than just a local property website. We not only provide more local property, we also provide a faster, easier experience in finding your dream home. Whether you're looking to buy, rent, convert or refurbish, Kentmove helps you get there faster and easier than ever before.

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Unsure which agent to choose, why not use our online valuation tool as a guide, then see which agents are most proactive in your town to contact you.

Don't worry

You can opt in our out of communication via phone, text message or email and you can specify a time that suits you. In addition it's only the first 5 agents that are able to contact you via KentMove, it really is the most pro active agents first!

The property market is changing, we feel that you shouldn't have to do all the hard work when you're looking to move and that's why we think will help renters, buyers, sellers and investors across Kent.

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