It's very difficult to know where to start when you decide to move home.  We understand that selling your home is a big life event and that is why we have written a series "how to" guides to help. 

We know homes are lived in and lives are busy, but for this hour and this moment we need them to shine.  We have lots of experience advising home owners on how to maximise the price of their home and we thought its time to share it with you all.  In our experience preparing your home to be marketed can be stressful, we aim to change that with 5 top tips that we feel you can use in under an hour to get your home ready for its online debut!

Let's talk photographs!

These photographs provide the first impression of your home to a prospective buyer, let them imagine living in your home by making it less personally to you and your family, just for a short while.

1.   Clutter. Hide it!  All of it!  Move it from room to room if you have to in a large laundry basket whilst following the photographer if need be!

2.  Kitchens.  Never mind Location, Location, Location!                 

When house hunters are looking for their new home the room which will be considered most expensive to change or renew is the kitchen.  Let's ensure your prospective buyers see a well loved kitchen that will suit their needs.  

So, clear those surfaces, hanging utensils, toastie maker, bread maker and knife block.  Banish the tea towels and oven gloves.  You’ll become an expert at spotting these online, here's a clue….. they are always photographed hung over the front of a cooker and have patterns and bright colours that don't match the kitchen.  If you have lots of appliances that you use such as a bread maker, smoothie maker, stacking pots, coffee machines and additional items on the work surfaces this could indicate that there is not enough storage, let's make some room!

Then it's time to polish and shine!

3.  Bathrooms.  Costly to replace and generally small spaces to show to their maximum potential.  

Clear away the cleaning products, toilet brush, bath matt, toiletries and your plethora of toothbrushes and tooth paste.  Shine that vanity mirror and fluff or hide those folded towels.  

4.  Lighting.  We all love a light and airy home!  Try to arrange your photographs for a light part of the day.

Put all of your lamps on, down lighters, kitchen counter and kick board lights, trust me!  Open all your curtains and pull up all of your blinds.  

5.  Bedrooms.  Make those beds, really, really well! 

Final checks:

Pets - We all love pets, but not in the photos of your home.  You would be surprised at the number that feature! 

Very lastly, plump those cushions and pillows!

Now you are ready to shine!  Homes that are presented in this way are more likely to sell quickly, receive immediate interest and you may even end up with more than one interested party achieving the best possible sale price for your home.  

We have created a quick video for you covering the points above which is viewable here:

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