When putting your home on the market in Kent, there are a number of factors that can lead to a strong and efficient sale. The way your property is presented and marketed are key to this process. However, there are still simple errors vendors are making which do slow the whole process down.

1)      Expectations

The sale of your home can be very stressful but being realistic and setting reasonable expectations can go a long way to helping. Under normal conditions, it can take an average of 12 weeks to find a buyer and then you have the exchange and completion do deal with thereafter. Being realistic can reduce your stress levels and allow you to be far more considered in your approach.

2)      Price 

Setting an asking price which is too high and unrealistic is a simple way of discouraging buyers and will make it very difficult to sell. With the wealth of information available online, potential buyers now have more information at their fingertips and are more knowledgeable about the area they are looking in and the general prices of properties for sale. By being realistic, you can attract more people to view your property and develop greater interest in your home.

3)      The Buyer’s Experience

Think of your home as a product and present it in the best possible light. Clean and tidy every nook and cranny of your home from floors to windows to cupboards. Make your home sparkle and wow buyers from the first minute they walk into your home.

4)      First Impressions

Often it is the first impression of a home which can dictate the rest of a viewing. Ensuring that the front entrance and the entrance hall way are well kept and well-presented are essential. It can be as simple as tidying up the garden to a fresh lick of paint on the front door, if its not UPVC that is!

5)      Property Details

You need to ensure you check both the photos and property details on your portal listings. Don’t just leave it to the agent!! Having accurate information that also highlights the property’s key features and strengths are imperative. Make sure you are grabbing someone’s attention in the first few seconds that they view your property details, if not, they will simply keep scrolling down the page.

When you are selling your property in Kent, looking to find a bigger or smaller home in the same town consider the above.  You will be able to maintain a good relationship with your estate agent by ensuring you are clear with your expectations, as they will want to do the very best to meet your expactations.