Thinking of moving? There are so many things to consider – job, schools, location, environment, commute. It can be such a tough decision as there are so many options. You have to make sure that your next move is right and there is much to consider. It is often impossible to tick your entire wish list, but having said this, it all starts with selling your current home.

Again, the options can make the decision very difficult and it all depends on how much time you have, how much you are willing to spend and who you trust to sell your home.


To reduce your costs, this can be a good option – it allows you to cut out the middleman and sell your home privately. You can get a good price but this option will arguably take the most effort. You will have to do much of the work including valuations, viewings and negotiations. If time is a commodity you don’t have, this option may not be the best. It may mean a significant reduction in commission fees but make sure you have the energy and ability to see this through to its completion.


The online space has seen a growth in demand in recent years and is increasingly getting great exposure. There are more companies popping up and some very reputable ones such as Yopa or Purplebricks. This again is a cheaper option with low fixed fees being the norm. Just be careful of the fact that you generally have to pay upfront meaning that even if the online agent doesn’t sell your home, you are still going to be out of pocket. Also, keep an eye of the costs as most online agents have a basic fee but can charge extra for assisted viewings, photos, floorplans etc.

High Street

Regardless of what you may read, this is still the most popular option as many people still feel more comfortable with a more personal, face-to-face approach when selling their home. The clear benefits are you have local agent with local knowledge which can certainly be an advantage. You can also feel confidence in the fact that all aspects of the sale including valuations, viewings and negotiations will be taken care of as well as their no sale, no fee structure. This all however comes at a premium with their commission fees being higher than online agents.


Not the most popular option but can be a positive route for properties that are either in need of major renovation or very unique. This option is very good in a seller’s market and can drive up the price of your home but the costs associated can be very expensive.

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